5 Ways We Celebrate Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means Friendsgiving, the spectacular combination of friends and food is almost here — and we could not be more excited!

Some go formal with invites and table crafts, but for us the magic is the mix of holiday anticipation with the adventurous energy of a road trip.

Our favorite low-key ways to celebrate

  1. Create a signature drink
  2. Go potluck. If we’re hosting, we make the turkey.*
  3. Watch this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and ones from the past
  4. Take and share Friendsgiving photos
  5. Relax, hang out, play Pie Face Showdown

* This invite has inspired a new day-after ritual

Our unofficial sixth tradition is sharing what we’re passionate about — helping students tackle their student debt.

Right-sizing loan rates based on the people we are now, as opposed to paying the rates based on the students we were then is important to us. In fact, we offer Refer-A-Friend bonuses for every referral that becomes a Laurel Road loan. We do this to thank our customers and to meet our goal of providing financial tools that help professionals leave high interest rates behind and focus on funding their futures.

However you’re breaking bread this week (and wherever you’re sharing sage financial advice), have an amazing time, and please share your favorite photos @LaurelRoad.

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