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Published June 15, 2017

DRB Announces Rebrand and Name Change of its Online Lending Division to Laurel Road

Darien Rowayton Bank (DRB), based in Connecticut, has evolved over the past 3 years to become one of the most significant players in online student loan refinancing. Today, DRB unveils its name for the online lending division – Laurel Road. The Laurel Road rebrand is supported by a new logo, visual identity, and website which is more reflective of the company’s growing customer base, evolving product set, and recent technology advancements.

The new name and logo bring a fresh positioning to the national online lending business and better exemplify the focus on customer experience. Offering student loan refinancing since 2013, the company is expanding its product set to give customers more lending options that support them on life’s journey.

“As a company, we feel strongly about recognizing the hard work of our customers,” said Alyssa Schaefer, Chief Marketing Officer. “We feel that the new name does this well, as Laurel Road is about the path our customers have chosen and how we can support them in where they want to go.”

Brand Union, an award-winning brand and creative design agency based in New York City served as the agency of record for Laurel Road’s rebrand and creation of its new visual identity. Laurel Road joins an impressive list of Brand Union’s clients such as Aetna, Tyson Foods, and Dell who have worked with the agency.

About Laurel Road
Laurel Road is the national online lending division of Darien Rowayton Bank. FDIC-insured and established in 2006, Darien Rowayton Bank has helped thousands of professionals with graduate and undergraduate degrees across the country to refinance and consolidate over $2.5 billion in federal and private school loans, saving these borrowers thousands of dollars each. Darien Rowayton Bank is a Connecticut-chartered bank, Member FDIC, and an Equal Housing/Opportunity Lender.