13 Budgeting Apps to Help Manage your Money

Many people find navigating the financial world to be a difficult task, but it doesn’t always have to be. In our world of technology, a plethora of apps are available to help everyday people traverse the confusing world that is personal budgeting and finance. DRB has conquered the task of finding the best financial and student loan apps in order to give you all of the details on ease of use, what each app tracks, and how they can help you stay on budget. Listed below are the 13 most popular budgeting apps and all the info there is to know about them.

Expense Manager

This app tracks incomes and expenses weekly, monthly and yearly, as well as by specific categories. Multiple accounts are available in several currencies. There are schedule payments and recurring payments options. Users are able to take a picture of their receipts for easy access. Payment alert notification are also available. Search and report operations. The app also features charts and account transfer. All data is saved on the user’s Dropbox account, with privacy ensured as nobody but the user can access your account. More information can be found by visiting the link below.

expense manager


This app has the ability to automatically update spendable cash as the user makes purchases every day. LevelMoney provides a simple real time picture to tell users how they are doing in order to maintain profits and keep their budget on track. Top US banks support LevelMoney connections and levels. Additional information can be found through the link.


You Need a Budget

This app features cloud sync which makes it easier for users to stay focused on budgets. This app maintains the ability to always up to date by being in sync with internet connection or wifi. You Need a Budget allows users to record spending expenses directly at the cash register. Fast transaction entry is easily available. Users can simply set aside funds for bigger infrequent bills and more common monthly bills. Import downloaded transactions are featured in every popular format. There is also a flexible living budget that helps users work around spending too much money and makes it more efficient and expedient to save for future goals. Additional information is listed on the website.



BUDGT is a personal budget app that lets users establish individual monthly budgets with recurring income and expenses and the ability to target savings. BUDGT tracks the user’s expenses daily and informs the users on how much they are able to afford daily. This app will keep track of monthly finances and expenses. Users can create and use only the categories that are actually needed. Users can also export monthly data as a CSV file for use with other apps or Microsoft Excel. More information is listed on the website.budgt


Spendee offers users the option to see all updates in a simple to view, access, and read feed interface. Users are able to add new income, transactions and expenses directly when they occur. Spendee is aesthetically appealing and retains the ability to make it easier for users to explore income and expenses with visual graphs and charts. Additional information is available on the website above.


One Touch Expenser

One Touch Expenser users are able to record expenses using a single touch. They are also able to take a photo of their expenses and record them. Data collected is available to view in different types of charts for all kinds of expenses, transactions, and incomes. There is also a tagging system so that users know where they are overspending. More information about the app can be viewed through the link above.



This app is based on what is called the “envelope method.” Using this method, users make envelopes for all specific budgeting categories like rent, groceries, and eating out, and then users can set aside money up front in each envelope to spend based on the categories instead of an account balance. Users are able to sync household budget across all connected devices, and when they deduct money, the person that it is shared with knows all of the relevant details. More information can be found by following the link above.


Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance offers users an easy interface to enter expenses on the go as they make them. This app offers fun visual graphs to track where their money goes so users can learn to spend on items and services that really matter to them. Users are able to set a repeating expense alert and the app will remind them of it each month. This app has the ability to enter and work with expenses in any currency. Additional information can be found by following the link above.


Mint.com Personal Finance

Mint offers users customized tips so that they can get a clear view of their comprehensive financial life. This app offers the ability to view and pay bills all in one place. Users can find out their credit and how to improve it. They can create personalized budgets that make sense today and set them up for success tomorrow. There are alerts available for unusual account charges. Users can also get custom tips for reducing their fees and saving money. Follow the link above to get more information.



This app lets users manage anything expense related from any location. Users have the ability to capture pictures of receipts from their smart phone so less paper is involved. With Concur users can upload IRS compliant images directly to their expense reports. Users can approve or reject expense reports via manager access almost immediately. The link above offers more information on this app.



Users can quickly add cash expenses and automatically import card transactions. There is the ability to easily capture all billable and code expenses to different account client’s projects and fields. There is unlimited receipt upload and storage available. Auto association of receipts to expenses can be used. There are automated controls in order to eliminate duplicate expenses. Users can create expense reports from their smart phone. To find out more information, follow the link above.



There are multiple languages available on this app. Users can work with multiple accounts. There are budgets available during weekly biweekly or monthly budget periods. Password protection is available on this app. MoneyWise allows users to graph expenses over time. Visually graph expenses by category. Users can tag expenses using specific labels and can filter by these categories and labels. Users can view charts and expenses by day, week, month, and year. Users can remotely monitor account balances and export this data to a spreadsheet application. Visit the above website in order to find more information.



Users can add income and expenses to the available calendar. Their balance can be calculated automatically. Users can see what they’ve spent and how their balance evolves over time through visual charts and graphs. The app can set up recurring transactions for easy planning of a user’s cash flow. Users can schedule certain reminders for bills. No registration is needed and no bank account information is required to be stored by the user. For more information follow the link above.



Keep track of your expenses by utilizing the aforementioned apps. These finance apps offer an easy to use interface along with the ability to make and follow budgets for users of all shapes and sizes. Learn more about yourself and your spending habits; take a look at any of these apps today!

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