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  • How much can I take out with a Residency Interview Loan?

    $5,000 to $15,000

  • What can I use a Residency Interview Loan for?

    Costs incurred during the search for medical residency programs such as flights, hotels and other travel related expenses associated with transitioning to residency. This loan is only available for 4th year medical students.

  • What is a payoff statement? How do I get one?

    A payoff statement is a document from your current lender that tells Laurel Road exactly how much we need to pay them in order to pay off your student loan with that lender. This is different from the monthly statement you receive and is only generated when the borrower requests it from the lender either online or over the phone. Each lender has its own process for generating payoff statements and providing them to borrowers. Laurel Road requires the payoff statement to finalize the loan for you so that we can pay off your current lenders and then become your new lender. Step by step directions explaining how to generate payoff statements with select lenders are available within the Laurel Road dashboard, which you can access after you begin your application.

  • What is the EFT discount? How can I get it?

    It is very easy to get this discount. If you make your monthly payments via an automatic electronic fund transfer (EFT) from a bank account, then your rate will be decreased by 0.25%. If, however, you stop making automatic payments via EFT, then your rates will go back to their regular levels. Rates advertised on this site include the 0.25% EFT discount.

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