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  • How is my loan serviced now?

    Student loans refinanced with Laurel Road will continue be serviced by MOHELA, our student loan servicing partner. If you have any questions about your student loan payments after funding your loan with Laurel Road, please call MOHELA at (877) 292-6845. Laurel Road Mortgage and Personal Loan customers will be serviced by KeyBank. If you have any questions related to your Mortgage which has been funded on or after April 1, 2019, please call KeyBank at (800) 422-2442. For questions related to your Personal Loan which has been funded on or after April 1, 2019, please call KeyBank at (800) 539-2968. Clients using a TDD/TTY device, please use (800) 539-8336.

  • Can I refinance my existing Laurel Road Personal Loan?

    Sure. Please make it clear in your application of your intent to refinance your existing Laurel Road personal loan, and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

  • When will my first payment be due?

    Your first payment will be due 1 month from the date of your disbursement.

  • How long does it take to receive my Laurel Road loan?

    Once your personal loan is approved and a disbursement is scheduled, we can initiate a transfer to your bank account which will take approximately 24 hours to receive funds.

  • Is the Laurel Road Personal Loan secured or unsecured?

    Our personal loans are unsecured.

  • Who is eligible for a Laurel Road Personal Loan?

    All U.S. Citizens or permanent residents with a valid I-551 card (which must show a minimum of 10 years between “Resident Since” date and “Card Expires” date) are eligible to apply for a Laurel Road Personal Loan. Loan eligibility also depends on your credit history and financial profile. If eligible, Laurel Road will perform a soft credit pull to provide you with conditional rates, so you can check your eligibility with no impact to your credit score.


  • What can I use a Laurel Road Personal Loan for?

    A Laurel Road Personal Loan can be used for almost any purpose except for education-related expenses. Some examples include consolidation of high rate debt, making home improvements, or financing major family purchases.

  • Will applying for a personal loan affect my credit?

    Laurel Road will perform a soft credit pull at the start of the application process to provide you with conditional rates and loan terms; this has no impact on your credit score. If you choose to move forward with your loan application, Laurel Road will make a hard credit inquiry so that we may view your full credit report and make final rate offers.These hard credit inquiries are common and necessary to obtain a loan and may impact your credit score.

  • If I have already accepted a different loan, can I switch to Laurel Road for a lower rate?

    Yes, and it is easy to do. First, apply for a Laurel Road loan. Once you are approved for your loan, you can use the funded loan to pay off your original personal loan. Be sure to check for any fees that may apply for early repayment on your original loan.

  • Can Laurel Road finance personal loans in any state?

    Yes, Laurel Road is able to finance loans in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

  • Can I pick a term besides 3, 4, or 5 years?

    For our standard product, only 3, 4, or 5-year loan terms are available at this time. Available loan terms differ for our physician and resident programs.

  • Do I need a cosigner?

    No. However, if you do not meet Laurel Road’s underwriting criteria on your own, a cosigner can be used to improve your chances of approval.