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Physician Mortgage


  • What is a Physician mortgage?
    Laurel Road’s Physician mortgage is a home loan tailored specifically to doctors, dentists and veterinarians featuring up to 100% financing for loans $750,000 or less (primary residences only – Not available in California). These loans have fewer restrictions than conventional mortgages and recognize the lender’s trust in medical professionals’ creditworthiness and earning potential.
  • Are your loans available in all 50 states?
    Yes. Laurel Road is a brand of KeyBank, N.A. offering lending capabilities throughout the United States. Our digital lending platform is also available 24/7 @ https://ml.laurelroad.com.
  • Is the Laurel Road Physician mortgage a conforming, conventional or government loan?
    No. This program is a sponsored portfolio program which allows for greater flexibility in underwriting, mortgage product offerings, and down payment options by recognizing the overall creditworthiness of the medical professional.
  • What are the benefits of Laurel Road’s Physician mortgage?
    There are several benefits to Laurel Road’s physician loan:
    • Zero down payment option for loans $750,000 or less (primary residences only – Not available in California)
    • A variety of mortgage programs without PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)


  • What documents will I need to provide during the application process for Laurel Road’s Physician mortgage product?
    • Diploma or accreditation of completion
    • Employment contract/offer letter if accepted to a residency program
    • 2 years of 1040 personal tax returns
    • W2’s from your last two years of employment (if applicable)
    • If practicing, two most recent pay stubs
    • Proof of alimony, child support or other maintenance income (if applicable)
    • Statements from checking and savings account for the past two months
    • Statements from IRA, 401k or other investments accounts for the past quarter
    • Source and verification of down payment funds (if applicable)
    • Copy of the purchase and sale agreement (not applicable for refinancing)
    • Self-employed will require additional documentation