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Laurel Road's Class of 2023 Residents

Join a community of residents ready to shape the future.

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As a newly matched resident, you have the opportunity to become a part of the first Class of Laurel Road, a community of future residents from across the country. To be considered, sign-up and complete your FREE GradFin consultation.

Interested in sharing your story?

Laurel Road is looking to connect and gather insights to help support your journey through residency and beyond. Enter to become a part of the 2023 Class of Laurel Road, a council of new residents, and receive information and tools to help navigate your financial future.

We hope you’ll join the program and share your experience! Please fill out a few questions to indicate your interest, and a Laurel Road team member will be in touch soon. Rolling admission to the Class of Laurel Road will be accepted until June 30, 2023.

† In order to be a member of the Class of Laurel Road, you must be a 4th year medical student with a residency match assignment, complete a free GradFin consultation, and fill out a Laurel Road consent and release form.

Join a Community

Regularly connect with a community of future residents from across the country.

Share Your Story

Get featured in Laurel Road marketing materials, social media and/or media interviews.

Shape the Future

Receive a sneak peek and provide feedback to shape the future of Laurel Road's financial products.

Get Rewarded

Get a free student loan consultation and exclusive swag from our Perks! partners.


A Financial Home for Residents

New Residents of 2023: Join the Class of Laurel Road

Laurel Road understands the financial challenges that come with being a medical resident – that’s why we've developed special products, services, and resources informed by our members to help you navigate your financial journey. The Class of Laurel Road will provide additional support as you navigate the professional and financial challenges of residency.