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Laurel Road by the Numbers

Life at Laurel Road

As new technologies emerge, we continue to learn and build more effective products ... maintaining the highest standard for customer service while changing the way banks do business.

Ellie Elgamal

Technical Product Manager, San Diego
We think the common areas of our San Diego office are pretty impressive.
Our WiFi-enabled campus allows for a truly modern and collaborative working environment.
When we are looking for a change of scenery, the campus gazebo does the trick.
On-site amenities include a very comfortable food and beverage area.
When the San Diego weather cools down, the fireside chats begin.
At Laurel Road, we've built a world class team of self-motivated engineers, handpicked to be the best in their respective professions. Our team uses latest technology to take advantage of innovations, keeping our system fresh, and attracting top talent to our startup-like environment.

Hitarth Patel

VP of Engineering, San Diego