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Laurel Road takes a deep-dive into financial wellness and success in the land of capitalism. Connect the dots that keep you on track to your dreams, with practical tips for everyday money and career moves that help shape the life you’ve always wanted.

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Episode 8

Nurse Julia on Diversity in the US Health Care System

Julia Eze, MSN, RN, NP-C, a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and entrepreneur, talks about what led her to a career in nursing, and her early experiences in the COVID-19 pandemic. She also offers insightful perspectives on the lack of diversity in the US healthcare system, and shares her thoughts on how the industry can improve experiences for under-represented patients with greater diversity on both sides of the bed.

Episode 7

Dr. Jennifer Tsai on the Personal and Professional Impacts of the Pandemic

Dr. Jennifer Tsai, optometrist and social media influencer, talks to us about what it's like to open a practice during the COVID crisis, her personal account of how she has been affected by racism towards Asian-Americans, and tips on how physicians can build their “digital resume”.

Episode 6

COVID-19 + Small Businesses: The Struggles, The Creativity, & The Future

We unpack the outlook for the future on both coasts with Lauren Herpich, owner and operator of a popular food tour group in Oakland, CA, and Rob Byrnes, president of East Midtown Partnerships, an economic development partnership overseeing one of Manhattan’s busiest small business districts.

Episode 5

COVID-19: A Roundtable Discussion With Front-Line Medical Workers

We chat with Dr. Akhilesh Sista, Dr. Michael Schaefer, and ICU Nurse Katie Taylor, all affiliated with NYU Langone Health at the center of the epidemic in NYC, on topics spanning from the nature of the disease, to its widespread medical and financial impacts on a very uncertain future.

Episode 4

Financial advice for the pandemic

We speak with Hannah Galin, Laurel Road’s rates and pricing maven, to uncover what near zero federal interest rates mean, and if taking out debt right now is the right thing to do. We also speak with Ken Raskin of KeyBank who, with his extensive experience advising clients through fiscal emergencies, shares his wisdom on how to stay financially and mentally sound in these trying times.

Episode 3

Let’s talk about finances, baby

Netflix’s new show, “Love Is Blind,” has pushed the boundaries on what couples reveal to one another in their early relationships. Underscoring this radical honesty is a recent Laurel Road survey showing that it’s no longer taboo for millennial and Gen Z couples to discuss their financial baggage. Learn from our guest Alyssa Schaefer on how to be open and vulnerable around one of life’s touchiest subjects: your money.

Episode 2

Derek Peth on side hustles and becoming an influencer.

Ever wondered what you could do with 500k+ followers? We tease out some tips from The Bachelor’s Derek Peth on influencer ‘best practices’, for those interested. We also get to the bottom of what makes a side hustle worthwhile, and whether or not you should consider having one.

Episode 1

OK Boomer. You're kinda awesome.

We discuss American higher ed, its staggering rise in cost, cultural and generational differences in paying for and choosing an education, and speak with a Boomer himself to get his take on those #millennialwoes.

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