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Leadership Spotlight: Gary Lieberman, CEO, and Chairman of Laurel Road

Published February 07, 2018


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Most fintech companies are not banks and most banks are not fintechs. In an interview with Lend Academy, Gary Lieberman, Chairman of Laurel Road, talks about the advantages of being both a bank and a fintech company, and what it means to have a finger on the pulse of digital technology while maintaining the roots of a community bank.

Now that the world is firmly in a digital experience oriented age, consumers have much higher expectations in how they interact with financial institutions, especially where security is involved. With Laurel Road, we want to bridge the gap between the security and personal touch that community banks offer and the digitally-led experience and flexibility of a fintech company.

Gary also talks about the history of Laurel Road and what the future holds for the company. Listen to the entire interview below.

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