Review – Credit Donkey – 10 Reasons to Refinance with DRB


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  1. You can get a competitive rate. DRB offers fixed and variable rate loans, and the rates are some of the lowest and most narrow rate ranges around. We checked out the most recent rates listed on the site (as of November 2, 2015): variable rate loans start at 1.9% while fixed rate loans start at 3.5%.
  2. You can save money. When you’re paying less in interest on your loans, more of your money goes to the principal each month and you get the debt paid off faster.That means that over the life of the loan, more money stays in your pocket. According to the DRB website, someone who refinances $100,000 in loans could save more than $15,000.
  3. You’re not limited on what you can refinance. Some lenders only let you refinance your student loans up to a certain amount, but DRB has no maximum limit. You will need at least $5,000 in loans to qualify.
  4. You can get paid for spreading the word about DRB. Any time you tell a friend or family member about DRB and they refinance their student loans with the bank, you’ll get a $200 cash referral bonus. There’s no limit on how many people you can refer, so it’s an easy way to earn extra money that you can put towards your loans.
  5. You’re not restricted based on where you live. Some refinance lenders only offer loans in certain states, which is a problem for some borrowers. DRB is available in all 50 states, so that’s one less obstacle you have to overcome.

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