What Laurel Road Means for You!

Laurel Road is the new name of Darien Rowayton Bank’s online lending division and our mission is to make your road to success easier.

Those of us at Laurel Road know that you’re going places, moving forward, onward, and upward. Eyes fixed firmly on the road ahead. Every path to financial independence looks distinctly different, with unique milestones and challenges along the way, from paying off the final installment of a student loan to seeking a mortgage on a new home.

We understand that the road to financial freedom isn’t an easy one, and with all the determination you’ve already shown, you deserve some support along the way.

Let us help you leave debt behind, so you can stay focused on the road ahead and enjoy where the journey takes you.

FDIC-insured and established in 2006, Darien Rowayton Bank has helped thousands of professionals with graduate and undergraduate degrees across the country to refinance and consolidate over $2.5 billion in federal and private school loans, saving these borrowers thousands of dollars each. Darien Rowayton Bank is a Connecticut-chartered bank, Member FDIC, and an Equal Housing/Opportunity Lender.

Questions? Email us at – hello@laurelroad.com

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