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Not-so-obvious Reasons to Refinance Your Student Loans


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Published February 20, 2018

Most of us have goals, and most of the time, accomplishing those goals cost money. When people think about saving, they rarely think about refinancing their student loan debt. But, for those willing to think outside of the box, student loan refinancing can lower monthly payments and even reduce the total cost of your loan. When this expenditure is reduced, it can help you to accomplish your other goals, financial or otherwise. Here are some not-so-obvious reasons to refinance your student loans:

  1. Save for your dream trip

Paris, France is one of the most desired vacation destinations in the world. But no matter what your dream destination is – whether domestic or international – just thinking about the cost of such a trip can throw you for a loop. By refinancing your student loans and planning in advance, you can dedicate the money you save to your vacation fund and get closer to making your dream trip a reality. Who would have thought that refinancing your student loans could possibly get you closer to The Louvre?

  1. Help pay for your wedding

The average cost of a wedding in the United States is just over $35,000. For some, it’s one of the largest costs they will ever endure at one time, so if refinancing your student loans can help you save for some of those costs, it’s time well spent.

  1. Put more towards retirement

There’s one thing that almost everyone can agree on, and that is: when it comes to retirement, there is almost never enough in your account.  Refinancing your student loans may provide you with savings that can be applied to your retirement fund.

  1. Invest in your home

Owning a home can be hard work and cost a lot of money, and there are renovations that need to happen every few years just to maintain your home’s value. Stashing the savings from student loan refinancing can help to pay for projects that will add value to your home—and if you ever sell, to your pockets, too.

  1. Save for a down payment on a new car

Even if you have a brand new car, fresh off of the lot, it probably won’t be too long before you need a new one. If that’s the case, a down payment is likely. If you have a set date for purchasing a new car, refinancing your student loans could help get you to your down payment goal faster.


Laurel Road customers save more than $20k* on average over the life of their loan. Learn more about refinancing with Laurel Road here.

*Average savings calculated based on single loans refinanced from 9/2013 to 12/2017 where borrowers’ previous rates were disclosed. Assumes same loan terms for previous and refinanced loans, and payments made to maturity with no prepayments. Actual savings for individual loans vary based on loan balance, interest rates, and other factors.

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