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Annual Survey Reveals that Despite Continuing Concerns About Personal Finances, U.S. Women Report More Confidence About the U.S. Economic Environment in 2024

Retirement savings and credit card debt reduction remain top financial prioritie

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New Study Shows Healthcare Professionals’ Current Student Loan Debt is at Least Half of Their Salary

Doctors and nurses weigh in on their average debt-to-income ratio, with more than 65% stating they feel anxious when checking their balance

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National Savings Day Survey Finds Americans Are Hopeful Their Saving Habits Will Improve This Year

Seventy five percent believe their saving habits will improve in the next 12 months, identifying factors they feel would help...

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New Study Finds Women Continue to Feel the Pay Gap Impact, but Report Improved Financial Security

Over one-third of women report feeling financially secure, concern over retirement savings remains top of mind in 2023 New York,...

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Laurel Road and VICE Media Group Release I’m Also a Doctor Docuseries to Spotlight Extraordinary Passions of Medical Professionals

Following five doctors with unique hobbies exemplifying personal passions, the docuseries showcases the everyday, yet inspiring and creative, lives healthcare...

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New Data Shows Student Loan Relief and Payment Progressions are Crucial for Mental Health and Financial Stability Amid Economic Uncertainty

Second annual Mental Wealth survey explores trends surrounding the impact of financial stressors on mental health, finds 93% of respondents...

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“Understanding the details of your financial situation is a crucial step in developing a strong plan to navigate student loan repayment.”

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“Consolidating federal student loans not only simplifies payments, but it can also help borrowers access forgiveness programs.”

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“The primary advantage of the Laurel Road High Yield Savings Account is the high APY, with no minimum deposit required. ”

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“After graduation, check in on any student loan debt you may have while also taking into account the type of student loans you have and weighing the options that are available to you. One way to tackle this is to schedule a free consultation with GradFin”

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“If you’re being paid 84% on the dollar, your 6% contribution to your 401(k) doesn’t go as far as your male counterpart’s 6% contribution. The pay gap is systemic but it also continues to escalate when you think about women saving for retirement”

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“Financial compatibility is about feeling comfortable with the other person and how they are handling their money, while understanding and respecting each other’s beliefs around money”

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