Refer A Friend

Reward your friends, get rewarded yourself

Earn $300 when friends or family close a student loan with us!

Referral Program Rules

Our referral program rewards anyone who refers their friends or family members to refinance and/or consolidate their student loan(s) with Laurel Road. The referring person does NOT need to be a Laurel Road borrower.

We will reward $300 for each new borrower that is referred as part of our Student Loan Referral Program.

The referred borrower must have refinanced and/or consolidated their student loan(s) with Laurel Road.

Referred borrowers can only be referred by one person. Only one payment under the Student Loan Referral Program will be made per referred borrower.

In order to receive your referral payment, you will need to provide Laurel Road with your address (for those receiving payment by check) and your social security number. If Laurel Road does not have this information, we will reach out to you to obtain, but will not make payment until we have it.

Student Loan Referral Program payments will not be made for borrowers who have been referred to Laurel Road through one of our partners or affiliates.

Laurel Road must be made aware of the referral by either the referred borrower or the referring person during the application process.

There is no limit to how much you can earn.

Laurel Road will report to the IRS the value of any Student Loan Referral Program payments. Any applicable taxes are the responsibility of the recipient.

Employees of Laurel Road are ineligible to participate in the Laurel Road Student Loan Referral Program and cannot receive any payments for referring borrowers to the Laurel Road Student Loan Program.