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Graduate-School Loans - FAQ

Loan Terms

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Grace Period

  • Does interest accrue during a grace period?
    Yes. There are several payment options that you can choose from, including in-school deferment. Each deferment option includes a six-month grace period following graduation or termination of enrollment. Any interest accrued during any period of deferment or grace will be added to the principal balance at the beginning of the full repayment period.
  • Is there a grace period? When does it apply?
    There will be a six (6) month grace period which begins at the end of your In-school period. The grace period is triggered by the student either a) dropping below half-time attendance, b) withdrawing from the eligible institution, or c) graduating. The Repayment Term will begin within thirty (30) days of the end of the grace period. Borrowers who choose the Immediate Repayment are not eligible for a grace period.
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