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Attract members with a unique financial benefit.

Set your membership program apart by providing a student loan benefit that can help members achieve financial success. Our program set up is easy-to-implement, customizable, and available at no cost.

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Why should you offer student loan benefits to your members?

Millennials today are uniquely burdened with student loan debt. With large loan balances and limited resources, working professionals are looking for options to improve their interest rates and repayment terms.


of millennials that work have student debt


stated they feel stress related to their student loan debt on a daily basis


spend 3+ hours at work per week thinking about or dealing with personal finance issues


Source:The Surprising Impact of Student Debt on the Millennial Mindset, a study by Laurel Road
Source: Employee Financial Wellness Survey, PwC, 2017

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What Our Customers Think

Laurel Road gave me the best interest rate to make my crazy student loans more manageable!

Joyce F.

American Osteopathic Association

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Benefits that work.

Attracting and retaining members means delivering benefits that matter to them. Offering student loan refinancing can have a positive effect on your members’ financial future.

  • Save over $20,000 1 on average
  • Assessment tool to help members choose a repayment plan
  • Exclusive membership discounts
  • No partnership fees whatsoever

For your organization

Value that matters.

Easily incorporate Laurel Road’s student loan benefits into your association’s offerings.

  • Laurel Road will educate your membership for you
  • A no-cost solution for member retention and acquisition
  • A custom multi-channel approach to marketing your unique benefit


1 Savings example: average savings calculated based on single loans refinanced from 9/2013 to 12/2017 where borrowers’ previous rates were disclosed. Assumes same loan terms for previous and refinanced loans, and payments made to maturity with no prepayments. Actual savings for individual loans vary based on loan balance, interest rates, and other factors.