I liked that the application gave me an accurate quote before deciding to refinance. When I did decide, it was approved in no time. Laurel Road gave me the best interest rate to make my crazy student loans more manageable!

Joyce F.

American Osteopathic Association

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Benefits that work

Attracting and retaining members means delivering benefits that matter to them. Offering student loan refinancing can have a positive effect on your members’ financial future.

  • On average, members will save $20,000+ over the life of their loans
  • Assessment tool to help members choosing a repayment plan
  • Exclusive membership discounts
  • No fees whatsoever

For your organization

Value that matters

Easily incorporate Laurel Road’s student loan benefits into your association’s offerings.

  • Laurel Road will educate your membership for you
  • A no-cost solution for member retention and acquisition
  • A custom multi-channel approach to marketing your unique benefit

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