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6 Home Décor Trends in 2018 That Will Give Your Guests Something to Talk About

Published February 20, 2018


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There’s something magical about walking into a home with style – whatever your aesthetic is. And with so many home décor trends cycling in-and-out of popularity, it can be hard to keep up. But even so, when you find something you like, it could be worth the switch. Here are the top six trends for home décor for 2018:


This calm shade of purple will peak in popularity in 2018. It’s a color that will marry well with many different colors and will also bring about calm and relaxing feelings – we can feel the zen already.

lavender accent trend

White Kitchens

Stark white kitchens are also trending for 2018, and they go hand-in-hand with minimalist living trends we are also seeing. Not only that, with an all-white kitchen, you’re almost forced to keep it spotless – not exactly a bad thing.

white kitchen trend

Moody Palettes

Décor is getting bolder with moodier palettes and unique textures and finishes. Black used to be a no-no in home décor, but in 2018, that rule no longer applies.

moody palettes trend

Jewel Tones

There was a moment in time when tan was the go-to décor color – not anymore. Many people are incorporating beautiful jewel tones in their furniture and bringing a lot of life to their living space because of it.

jewel tones trend


Brass, the other yellow metal, is replacing the usual gold and silver hardware in homes in 2018. The vintage look it offers can bring quite a bit of personality into a home.

brass fixture trend

Bold Prints

With prints, most of us play it safe, but in 2018 they are coming alive with personality. Expect large, almost giant patterns to be upholstered on home furniture, placed on walls and displayed on throw pillows and rugs.

bold prints trend



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