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Our Thoughts On The Student Debt Crisis

In times of crisis, what’s the right thing to do? There are often no easy answers. And when it comes...

Published September 09, 2019

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In times of crisis, what’s the right thing to do? There are often no easy answers. And when it comes to finding a solution for the burden of crippling student debt—our collective conscience remains fraught with questions.

How should we address the rising costs of American higher education? Can we retain its greatness without extinguishing the ambitions that feed it? And what about the trillions of dollars of debt that students must now reckon with? Where should we stand on this historically unprecedented issue?

Proposals abound, but the future is still uncertain. Students and young professionals are feeling beaten down without any relief in sight. Employers, politicians, and lenders alike are rethinking their strategies to cope with new norms through innovative solutions and repayment models. But these proposals may be creating more questions than answers.

Some are even wondering—is a college education still worth the cost, in the end?

We hear you.

As trying as it may be, Laurel Road is committed to tackling these questions with you and helping you achieve your dreams and goals through higher education. Whatever ‘solutions’ arise to this great moral obstacle of our time, we aim to be part of the conversation. Don’t hesitate to share your experiences, hopes, and concerns with us.

Thank you for your trust. We’re in this together.

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