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How Did This Star Wars Star Slash Student Debt?

What do you do when you land your dream job in an illustrious film series with a paycheck to match?...

Published January 09, 2018

What do you do when you land your dream job in an illustrious film series with a paycheck to match? Pay off your student debt, of course. Well, that’s what Kelly Marie Tran did. After 8 long years of auditioning, she secured an acting role in one of the most notable movie franchises on earth, Star Wars.

Not only that, she’s a breakout star of the film. She plays Rose, a maintenance worker in “The Force Awakens” and she’s not taking the opportunity for granted.

For most struggling actors grinding away after college, student loan payments can become a cumbersome expense. The average amount of a monthly student loan payment in the U.S. is around $350 per month – a lot for an artist who’s just trying to make it month-to-month.

Typically, acting jobs can last anywhere from a few days up to just a few months – hardly enough to make an affluent living unless you’re one of the people lucky enough to get consistent work. And Tran, who had grown accustomed to working temp jobs on and off, knew that. So, she paid off her student loans right away.

Overall, Ms. Tran demonstrates how sticking with your passion can change everything—it can even help with your student loans.

Read Tran’s entire story at CNBC

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