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Because Doctors are so much more than a white coat.

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The I'm Also a Doctor series will highlight physicians and dentists who pursue extraordinary outside interests, and examine the influence these activities have on their daily stress, mental health, and even job performance. We’ll get a first-hand look at how these amazing medical professionals are living happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives!

Awards & Nominations

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2023 Icon, showing that the I'm Also A Doctor series was shortlisted in the corporate image & documentary categories.

Dr. Ravitz


Neurologist, NY

Dr. Nguyen

Touring Musician

Pediatric Plastic Surgeon, CA

Dr. Millar

Costume Designer

Anesthesiologist, IL

Dr. Phaup


Dentist, VA

Dr. Atia

Ocean Photographer

ER Doctor, FL

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Are you also a Doctor with an extraordinary passion?

If you’re a physician or dentist with an exceptional hobby, outside passion, or personal side-project, sign up now to be considered! We’ll be highlighting select submissions on our social channels.

Composite image of doctors and interesting hobbies
Composite image of doctors and interesting hobbies

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